Bathroom Tile

Remodeling to your comfort level, Jewel Construction will give you the look and feel you envisioned. Your bathroom can be enhanced with:

• new tiled shower benches
• Wainscoting tiled walls
• lockerroom style tiled walls

Whatever bathroom tile or pattern you choose, Jewel can install your bathroom tile to look and function perfectly. Small, large, or intricate bathroom tile designs are no problem for Jewel Construction. Tiled bathroom floors, walls and ceilings look beautiful every time. Every bathroom is built to the taste, style and practicality of our clients. We take pride to give our customers the very best in honesty,service, labor and friendliness.

These and many more tiling options are available for installation to our clients.

You may want to design your new kitchen or bathroom with heated tile flooring; all with the experienced aid of our trained certified designers, installation and support staff. Tile choice and having experienced setters will transform your kitchen and bathroom with just the right touch to give you the beauty you want.